How to Make the Most of Your Summer Sun

How to Make the Most of Your Summer Sun

Three Seasonal Tips from Our HVAC Experts

When it comes to reducing your energy bills, our HVAC experts have provided a few extra tips that you can try. Take every chance to use your exterior environment. During the long and cold winter months, you should try to use your windows to bring in as much direct sunlight as you can, in order to take advantage of any natural heat, in order to reduce the use of your heating system, however, make sure you close your blinds or curtains in the evening, to cut down on the chill factor that your windows will provide against the cold air from outside.

During the hotter months, the interior temperature will increase due to the direct sunlight coming directly through your windows, so you can either close your blinds or consider investing in some way to shade your home, like installing awnings or planting trees that will obstruct the sunlight. Following through with these measures will often reduce your energy bills by 30% during the summer months.



Keep a close eye on all your vents, heaters, radiators, and warm-air registers. You will be able to improve the effectiveness of your HVAC system by ensuring your vents are free from obstacles, this includes furniture, couches, and chairs, also, make sure they are clear of any dust, which will improve your interior air quality.



When the warmer weather comes around, make sure your HVAC system’s filter is either cleaned or replaced with a new one. Filters are quite cheap to buy, and swapping out old ones with clean ones will greatly improve the air quality and air flow. It is also advisable to call in

HVAC experts

to come and perform maintenance on your system to make sure it continues to run at peak levels during the cooling season.

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