Let Us Help You with In Floor Heating and Other Types of HVAC Installation Projects!

Perhaps you’re interested in getting an in floor heating system so you won’t have to deal with ice-cold floors in the depths of winter. Or maybe you’re ready to replace your old radiators with new ones and you need help with the installation process. Either way, you can get in touch with King Heating Solutions Inc!

We’re a professional and experienced HVAC contractor in Bradley, IL, and one of our specialties is HVAC installations. No matter what type of HVAC equipment or system you want to install, you have the assurance that we can help you. Just give us a call so we can get started!

What We Can Do for You

As mentioned above, we can help you with almost all types of HVAC installation projects. We have helped our clients with installing new heating equipment including boilers, radiators, and in floor heating systems. We also install new air-conditioning units and even entire air-conditioning systems! Just tell us what your installation needs are, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Should You Hire Us?

We’re not the only HVAC experts in Bradley, IL, so why should you get our help? The answer is simple: we have the expertise to handle almost all kinds of HVAC installations and give you excellent value for money!

Our HVAC technicians are here to walk you through the various options on

Heating service in Bradley, IL

the market and help you choose the right make and model for your property. Once you have made your selection, we will take care of the installation from start to finish. We’ll make sure that your new HVAC equipment is installed according to the highest standards and that you won’t experience any problems that stem from poor installation.

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